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Keep the Iran Deal in Place!


On Friday, Donald Trump struck a major blow to diplomacy by refusing to say the truth: that Iran has been complying with the nuclear deal. Now the administration wants Congress, in the next 60 days, to pass legislation that would kill the agreement. We can’t let that happen!

Republican Senators Tom Cotton and Bob Corker have introduced dangerous legislation that would amend the “sunset clause” and add “triggers” to automatically impose new sanctions within a year of Iran gaining nuclear capabilities. It is an attempt to re-negotiate an international agreement, and it would put us on a dangerous path towards war. Iran’s compliance with the deal has been certified in eight reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the past two years. The other six countries involved in the deal want it to be maintained. Trump’s refusal to certify the agreement has already isolated us from our allies. Destroying the deal, as Cotton-Corker bill would do, would free up Iran to rapidly reconstitute its nuclear program. It would also send a dangerous signal to North Korea not to engage in talks. Read Medea’s article in TruthDig, 10 Reasons the U.S. Should Stick with the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Tell your Senators to oppose the Cotton-Corker bill. Ask them to respect our international obligations by taking leadership to protect the Iran deal.