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COP 26 Webinar: Countdown to Glasgow

Intersection of Climate Change & Militarism

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On August 23, CODEPINK and World Beyond War are hosting a webinar highlighting the intersection between militarism and climate change leading up to the COP26 talks in Glasgow, Scotland.

The webinar will feature speakers...

  • Abby Martin, Journalist
  • Jeff Conant, Friends of the Earth
  • Sung-Hee Choi, the Jeju Island frontline resistance
  • Joanna Macy, Environmental activists & author
  • Leana Rosetti, Extinction Rebellion
  • David Swanson, World Beyond War, Anti-war activists & author
  • Professor Lynn Jamieson, Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Dr. Robert Gould, the Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director Veterans for Peace
  • Nick Rabb, Sunrise Movement

...And more, followed by film clips, music, and COP26 action opportunities.

COP26 must not pass by without world leaders getting to grips with the massive climate damage done by war. Peace organizations across Scotland, the United States, and worldwide demand action on all forms of conflict and militarism, including a complete end to nuclear weapons. Without this, there will be no possibility of ending environmental destruction, nor any hope of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the level we need to stave off the worst effects of the climate crisis.

War is Not Green!


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