California dreamin'?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Hmm, judging by the near silence from the mainstream media, apparently no one seems too freaked out that the UNITED STATES IS FIRING MISSILES IN CALIFORNIA.  Not even missiles for our own "security." They're test missiles, partially funded by the U.S., FOR ISRAEL TO FIRE AT IRAN ("preemptively," of course).

Crazy talk? Nope. From Reuters:
Israel's Arrow II missile defense system was tested at a U.S. range off the California coast on Wednesday but problems prevented the launch of the system's interceptor, the Pentagon said.

Partly underwritten by Washington, Arrow is designed to defend Israel from missile attacks from Syria and Iran, which Western nations suspect of seeking nuclear arms despite its denials.

Seems to be much here that could make one uncomfortable: the fact that such advanced weaponry is developed and tested here in the States; the fact that American tax-dollars are funding U.S. military efforts not to protect Americans but Israel military efforts, or the fact that the U.S. is complicit, in fact, a partner, in a major military attack on Iran in the future -- the very same country that President Obama during his campaign promised to talk with, without preconditions, to create peace.  Helping to fire missiles don't sound like much of a move toward peace talks.

Anyone else feeling like this is insane??


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