Contact Representative Bass asking her to continue to put people over the Pentagon and War!

Congresswoman Bass voted to cut the Pentagon budget by 10%. Now, we need her to continue her leadership on this issue and:

  1. Join the House Defense Spending Reduction Caucus
  2. Co-sponsor legislation to block the Saudi Weapons Sale
  3. Sign the CODEPINK pledge to STOP taking campaign contributions from weapons manufacturers
  4. Stop approving bloated military budgets

If you live in the United States, please email and call Rep. Bass using the tool below!

Dear Representative Bass,

As your constituent, I thank you for voting last session for a bill to cut the military budget by 10% and encourage you to pursue the following:

  1. Please join the House Defense Spending Reduction Caucus, chaired by Reps. Lee and Pocan. To join the caucus, simply call Rep. Pocan’s office at 202- 225-2906 and express your interest, Congresswoman Bass.
  2. Co-sponsor progressive peace-oriented legislation, such as Rep Meek’s H.J. Res 15 and H.J.Res 16 to block weapons sales to Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen.
  3. Sign the CODEPINK pledge to refuse contributions from military contractors. Here is a link to the form to express interest in the pledge.

In the future, refrain from voting, as you have in the past, to approve a bloated military budget, now a record $740-billion.

It is time to redefine the meaning of national security, particularly in light of the fact that our military budget, larger than the next eight countries combined, could not even protect our Capitol. On the contrary, militarization has backfired with members of our armed forces participating in the insurrection.

To reduce conflict and promote community, we must reinvest military dollars, beginning with the wasteful $68 billion spent on Overseas Contingency Operations Account slush fund, to address urgent human needs: clear air and water (Green New Deal); health care (Medicare for All), housing, food and civil rights and more.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Rep. Bass. I appreciate your service and commitment to our 37th congressional district. I look forward to hearing from you on joining the House Defense Spending Reduction Caucus and co-sponsoring legislation to block Saudi weapons sales. 


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