Accomplice Action Guide


If we strive for liberation, we should act as accomplices, not allies. Liberation is dependent on each other, colonization and formation of social organization based on hierarchy has tricked us into being separate. Learn more about accomplices, not allies here.

Join/organize direct actions, boycotts, strikes, disruptions (especially black-, indigenous-, immigrant-, muslim-, queer-, trans- houseless-, differently abled-, & people of color-led resistance)

Organize locally

Efforts and policies that protect and honor vulnerable peoples (such as Sanctuary Cities)

Rapid response networks (deportation resistance, hate crime response, safety walks, abortion facility protection, eviction blockades, cop watch, know your rights trainings, etc.) and other mutual aid supports

Check out our #NoBanNoWall Campaign Resources

Antiblackness, anti-indigenity, racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, ableism, and state & interpersonal violence

Local city council/board meetings, call your representatives - disrupt the normalization of inhumane decision-making processes

Localize and decentralize food and energy production to build community resilience in the face of global environmental, economic, and political crises. Share with people around you, start a community garden, get solar panels, bike where you can.

Yourself, our communities, and networks on colonization, the commons, public good, war economy, human rights, internationalist analysis, capitalism, militarization, trade aggression, migrant & refugee persecution & criminalization, climate change. 

Prioritize care and healing (physical, mental, spiritual) for peoples’ resilience. Build long-term relationships of accountability- be responsive to the experiences, voices, needs, and perspectives of people across a spectrum of identities. Do more listening, less speaking and planning

Through art, music, poetry, dance


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  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    followed this page 2020-07-24 14:47:49 -0400
  • zizzieozalezoxiama
    commented 2019-12-06 12:45:40 -0500
    Wars are not green. Wars are global. Warming. Meaning. Wars are such. Thieves. Ignorance. Lustful. Arm and leg. Of. Hate. Soo. Leave. Me. Alone with. Wars. Missiles. Bombs. Sustainable. Friendly. Please.
  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    commented 2019-09-29 07:56:37 -0400
    Wars missiles is greed****, unfaithful, *not mindful, *falliin apart,**** greed***, Selfish,* clown meanings, *slotter houses, *curses, evil,/ *unrighteous\,
    ((Mans desires. And not heavens Desires)) /unwillful minded,\
    * unspoken of, *looked backwards, *not thought ful,* ***misbehavin*** / Backward Minded\ *Too. Busy* ///Avoided. Realmente\\*/// Avoid. Reality\\\ *No. Real. Realm. Of. Future. Aspects. In. Life*….Not the right. Touch…...Unthinkable**** Overjudging…*.Misleading…….Unstainable…..Unstainability…..Un Echó. Minded….of. Friendly……..OverLooked…..//Un—mathematical\\… **** Un-Knowledgeable*** ///Too. Ones. Own. Behaviors\\\ ****Un Kind. For. Our. Planet****////It. Does’Nt. (Rock). Well. With. Nature. People. Planet. Etc\\\… (The. All. Wrongs)
  • Tom Htun
    commented 2018-12-28 07:42:12 -0500
    I want to explore ways to fulfill a personal agenda I’ve been harboring and want to think the challenge out loud amongst a group of people. I am hoping this L.A. retreat may enlighten my desire with effective methodologies to address a huge wall I’ve been noticing of late.
    1. I am seeing more and more insularity and “tribalistic” attitudes and behaviors, the right, the left, the center, even the activist journal group I work with in the bay Area.
    2. Too many overlook connecting the dots and obsess with single issue advocacy and narrow identity politics at the expense of the bigger picture, thereby creating insularity or worse ignorant projections.
    3. Even activists with good energy and intentions self undermine their own projects by giving way to cynicism or pessimism in the face of monumental odds thereby leading to inaction, or worse, meaningless perfunctory activities which amount to dog and pony ritualistic demonstrations and boiler-plate choreography.

    In a nutshell, how to overcome this internal loop of ‘approach-avoidance’.