A Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Signup Sheet


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    I want to get one (or more) of those “Stop Islamophobia” yellow 6-pointed stars like I saw on DemocracyNow on January 11, 2016.
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    I find that letters to the editor, guest commentaries, and “soap box” column submissions are read in local newsprint and re-posted by various online websites. It’s even better if a long list of local organizations signs on in support.
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    A Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Signup sheet
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    A Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Signup sheet
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    Visits by Muslim leaders to City Councils, Mayors, and Police Chiefs to establish a relationship – to assure proper support, response, promote an atmosphere of security and accountability among officialdom towards the Muslim community.
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    It’s hard because changing people’s minds isn’t easy. I think that two things are particularly effective: 1) pointing out the hypocrisy of hating all Muslims for Muslim extremists when we don’t do that for Christians (i.e., pointing out how the Bible is as hateful in places as to Koran; pointing out how participation in a religion does not equal adherence to radical ideals) and 2) really pushing for empathy. Empathy can save the human race. We just need to convince people that humans are meant to be empathic, we are all one race, and that difficult life situations (largely created by the institutions that run this big old world) lead people to act out of hate an violence and that only through compassion and love (and changing our institutions to also operate on compassion and love) can we create a society where greed and hate don’t lead to extreme actions. I know it sounds hippy dippy, but I really believe that’s how the world is going to be saved. We’ll either evolve to feel for each other and to care about each other, or we’ll evolve to destroy each other. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7AWnfFRc7g
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    A Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Signup sheet
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    wear green (Prophet’s color) armbands and ribbons to signify and identify supportive folk in public…safe zones..and women wear headscarves and men small caps…like the King of Denmark is said to have put on a yellow star of David when the Nazis came to Denmark…not only shows solidarity, but also will perhaps discourage those who would do harm to leave our communities alone and perhaps they will see how unpopular their beliefs are. Do not reach out to touch a Muslim woman, as only family members may touch a Muslim woman, and it is a sign of respect to honor this code, unless she indicates otherwise.

    And any show of support at Mosques ought to be cleared with the Mosque first. Less threatening for them when several white people show up.
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    A Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Signup sheet
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