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21 Days to Love: Day 9


What is your gift?

We all come with healing capacities, energies we are born with to offer the world and our communities. Reflect on what you offer the world; it is usually something others let you know you have. How has the war economy minimized, devalued, erased, shamed and diminished this in you?

Take the time to feel both the blessing. Now take time to feel the discomfort the war responses may have caused.

Use this as a reminder to express gratitude when healing energies are shared with you, and be aware when they might be frightening, and you inadvertently push them away and judge them.

You will need this understanding to move forward, to blossom and grow confidently in the new world of inordinate joy and magic, liberation and love of life with a full, open heart. 💖

💖 Love and Respect,
Jodie & Kelly

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