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21 Days to Love: Day 7


Quote: Maya Angelou

Remember that systems of the war economy are rooted in and thrive on the violence we do to ourselves.

When we do not LOVE ourselves.

The War Economy thrives — literally benefits and feeds — on your dislike and distaste of yourself. The War Economy has us doing things to serve its interest instead of being in touch with our instincts and our natural, innate, inner guidance systems we call instinct.

When feeling lack of courage or feeling push back or doubt about moving into the open air of transformation, because you believe yourself to be less valid than others or the status quo: that is your cue to keep pushing.

Write about a time that you created change and transformation by honoring your sense that change was greater than your fear or sense of lovelessness, worthlessness for yourself.

Share this with your friend and see if there are any parallels or need for support.

Let us know if you feel the change.

💖 Love and Respect,
Kelly & Jodie

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