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21 Days to Love: Day 11



Ideas are in our head, life is in the expression. We are halfway through the 21 days to Love. Where is your heart? What is it moved to express? The war economy separates us, and the peace economy can connect us ...

We want to facilitate connecting you to someone else on this 21-day journey with you.

Here is a link to a google form, fill it out and take seriously the commitment that you will mail something to your new peace activist friend by February 7th so they receive a sweet note by Valentine’s Day. Remember commitment is part of the local peace economy.

Once you fill out the form, we will pair you with a fellow peace activist. This is fun and so simple — and yet another way to reflect on your journey to open-heartedness and peace.

How can you speak to a person you don’t know? What do you want to offer from your heart? It is hard to share, to open up, this is an invitation to stretch to the beauty of a world that your heart- whole, full and light with a buoyant innocence — KNOWS is possible.

It is our hope that what you send is more than a two sentence note and a bar of chocolate. We hope you aim to:

  • Surprise and delight the recipient.
  • Recognize, appreciate or otherwise reflect back to the recipient the value they as a human bring to the lives of others.
  • Create warmth and connection between you and them.
  • Reveal something authentic and beautiful about you, the sender.

This is about intention, thoughtfulness and attention. This isn't about professing love, but acting in a loving way. And the time and care you spend is the reflection of the peace economy, not money spent but instead the value of time and connection.

Don't forget to fill out the Google form here.

💖 Love and Respect,
Jodie & Kelly

PS: Thanks to Matt Lockshin for creating this project in the form of #ProgressiveLoveFest

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