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21 Days of Giving Peace: Day 4

4fb3c036fbce6940735ac777b16de325.jpgDear Friend,

We grow peace to create conditions conducive for life.

The war economy is killing us, our communities and the planet. Take time today to reflect on who in your community is suffering from the war economy.

What worker is making less than a living wage? (almost 1/2 of the workers in the US)
Think of all the things that happen to support your life?  That make your day easier or who cares in an emergency.

Call the operator at a hospital or a hotline and thank them, they usually experience a lot of demand and disregard.

Call someone serving your community, care about those who live in the community and give them the gift of gratitude.  Offer a smile, or a hug (after asking for permission) or a pause in your day to say thank you.  

That pause and connection is also a gift to you and to peace on earth.

At the end of the day let us know how you feel. What you learned.

💖 Love and Respect,
Kelly Curry
CODEPINK Local Peace Economy Organizer

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