Tell Biden no $800 billion for war

President Biden has released his intended fiscal year 2023 Department of Defense budget: a whopping $773 billion (the total military budget would exceed $800 billion).

Sign the letter to Biden telling him to fund housing, education, healthcare rather than war.

*Biden needs Congress to approve his military budget. After you sign the petition to Biden, you will be directed to contact your representatives and tell them you oppose $800 billion for war.

Dear President Biden, 

The 2021 budget for the Pentagon and related agencies was $753 billion, larger than the next eight countries combined, 11 times greater than Russia’s military budget and four times the size of China’s military expenditures. Now, you proposing a fiscal year 2023 budget of $773 billion for the Department of Defense, bringing the total proposed military budget to over $800 billion. This is outrageous. 

There are dire crises in America — housing, student debt, child poverty, healthcare — that should be funded rather than continuing to increase military spending and the likelihood of new wars. 

Submitting an over $770 billion Department of Defense budget proposal during a historic pandemic while millions of working people across the country continue to struggle from the resulting economic turmoil is unconscionable. While everyday working people continue to struggle, the weapons industry’s wealth has only grown during the pandemic. The military budget you plan to put forth signals a lack of concern for the American people. If we are to truly 'Build Back Better', we must reduce the Pentagon budget and invest in what really makes us safe: Medicare for All; a Green New Deal; housing for all; full employment; great public education, and much more.

I ask that you propose a military budget of at least 10% less than last year, rather than the outrageous increase you are considering. 


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