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Tuesday, June 15 Capitol Calling Party: Say No to a New Cold War with China

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On Tuesday, June 15, CODEPINK Congress will feature two guests:

Madison Tang, CODEPINK China is Not Our Enemy campaign coordinator; author, organizer, and educator against imperialism, militarism, and racial and gender-based violence.

Mel Gurtov, professor emeritus of political science, Portland State University; senior editor, Asian Perspective; co-author, Pentagon Papers. 

In response to the U.S. Senate’s disturbing passage of the anti-China “U.S. Innovation and Cooperation Act,” CODEPINK Congress will challenge the misguided framing of China as the nation’s greatest security threat. The Biden administration, lawmakers, and military contractors are using this framing to justify new weapons production, mock nuclear strikes in the East Pacific, and troop deployments that make the world less safe. Our guests will discuss the importance of avoiding a military confrontation over the future of Taiwan.

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