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Tuesday, April 19 Capitol Calling Party: A New Yemen War Powers Resolution

Tuesday, April 19 Capitol Calling Party: A New Yemen War Powers Resolution


On Tuesday, April 19, join CODEPINK Congress for an important conversation on the status of the Yemen War Powers Resolution and next steps forward, featuring Jehan Hakim and Hassan El-Tayyab.

A ceasefire in Yemen comes as welcome news following several years of war in which a Saudi-led coalition pushed Yemen to the brink of starvation. How long will this ceasefire last? To ensure the ceasefire endures, critics of US military complicity in Saudi genocide support the re-introduction of a Yemen War Powers Resolution. This would follow Trump’s veto of a similar resolution Congress passed in 2019. The new proposed resolution–soon to be introduced by congress members Jayapal (D-WA-07) and DeFazio (D-OR-04)-- would prohibit US military support for maintenance of the Saudi Air Force and US intelligence for bombing targets. Join CODEPINK Congress’s special guests Jehan Hakim and Hassan El-Tayyab as we deconstruct the truce and ask our reps to co-sponsor a new Yemen War Powers Resolution.

Featured Guests:

Jehan Hakim chairs The Yemeni Alliance Committee (YAC). The YAC organizes protests and actions, coordinates congressional visits, creates social media toolkits and campaigns to resist anti-Yemeni policies. YAC's focus has been advocating to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen by raising awareness and pushing legislation. Jehan has a BA in Political Science, is a Bay Area native and her family is originally from Yemen. She is also on the board of Just Foreign Policy.

Hassan El-Tayyab is the legislative director for Middle East Policy for the Friends Committee on National Legislation. His passion for foreign affairs is rooted in his desire to make life better for people in the Middle East, including his extended family in Jordan. Prior to joining FCNL in August 2019, he was co-director of the national advocacy group Just Foreign Policy and played a major role in congressional passage of the Yemen War Powers Resolution.

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