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Demilitarize the Budget! Budget Advocacy Training


Demilitarize the Budget! Budget Advocacy Training
March 24th, 2021
3pm-4pm ET
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Each year, about two-thirds of the United States' budget is spent on militarized responses to problems—including the Pentagon, abusive immigration enforcement, and policing. This money could have had a transformative impact on things that would actually make our communities healthy, safe, and strong—like education, universal health care, or peacebuilding.

In this webinar, you'll learn why the United States' militarized budget is such a problem, how the budget and appropriations process works, and how you can get involved in the call to move money out of militarism and into our communities!

 Speakers Include:

  • Grace Kindeke, AFSC
  • Ashik Siddique, National Priorities Project
  • Savannah Wooten, Public Citizen
  • Moderator: Tori Bateman, AFSC






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