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China is Not Our Enemy: Pathway to Peace Series Part 3

Join CODEPINKHumanity Rising and Ubiquity University for a China is Not Our Enemy: Peace Educational Series Part 3 co-hosted by Jodie Evans and Jim Garrison. 

Monday: 10 Years of Pivot to War on China with Wei Yu (CODEPINK China is Not Our Enemy Campaign coordinator).

Tuesday: China: A Deeper Look with KJ Noh (journalist, political analyst, writer, and teacher specializing in the geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific region) and Mika Erskog (South African educator & researcher @Tricontinental. Member of No COLD WAR & Dongsheng News Collective). 

Wednesday: Propaganda with Julian Aguon (attorney and author from Guam), Mika Erskog, and Professors from Taiwan. 

Thursday: The Effect on Asian Americans with Judge Julie Tang (retired San Francisco judge and co-founder of Pivot to Peace and "Comfort Women" Justice Coalition) and Professor Fred Tang. 

Friday: What We Can Be Doing with Wei Yu and Michael Wong.


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