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Sign Our Pledge to Join Summer of Peace 2023

This summer CODEPINK and allies are uplifting peace by expressing peace through peaceful means. We invite you to join us to participate in our summer of peace by signing a pledge to peace, contributing to our 500 peace actions, and answering our cultural call for peace. Let’s saturate the summer with images, sounds, stories and actions for peace to drown out the beating sounds of the war drums. If you pledge to join the Summer of Peace you will be invited to a call to brainstorm how we can make peace visible this summer. If you want to uplift peace, CODEPINK will be here to support and uplift you. 

Signing this pledge means you are committed to uplifting peace in the next three months. Some examples include but aren’t limited to: putting a peace sign in your window, calling your member of Congress about peace, organizing a peace walk in your community, hosting a peace teach-in in your home, hosting a book club for an anti-war book, handing out flyers at your farmers market, and wheatpasting anti-war messaging. 

Our pledge to you is that we will uplift your action and make it visible to people outside your community! 

I pledge to take part in the 2023 Summer of Peace and contribute at least one anti-war action, no matter how big or how small to uplift the global call for peace.

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