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Local Peace Economy Gathering Bay Area March 5th

C4_CpLwUoAI-NBM.jpgJoin us on Sunday March 5th at 1pm in Berkeley for a discussion on how to use our latest tool to create sanctuary spaces and rapid response networks. We will also be talking about the proposed $54 billion proposed increase in military spending for 2018. Together we will study how much the U.S. already spends on militarism and strategize how to resist this. After the meeting, we will have a space to make visuals for the #GenderStrike on March 8th, where we will be holding down a strong presence with #feminismnotmilitarism messaging and will have a colorful banner and stickers to hand out, as well as a sign up sheet to recruit members! Join us!

For more information and/or questions email Paula at [email protected]  

P.S.: Download our colorful flyers Post these posters on your front door, front window, on your car, the office message board, local community bulletin boards, your local coffee shops & businesses, and/or in other spaces. Find places to declare your values and affirm that we welcome, honor, support and respect people from different religions, cultures, races, and countries. Sharing these posters with other people is an opportunity to start conversations about the #NoBanNoWall movement. Pick some up from CODEPINK member Paula while she is in Berkeley this weekend if you’d like. Email [email protected] to schedule pick up.




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