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Tell Congress to Condemn Israel's Sabotage of the JCPOA!

Just as talks between the U.S. and Iran are taking place, on Sunday, April 11, Israel carried out a cyberattack blacking out Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. The intention was to sabotage the Biden administration’s aims to revive the Iran Nuclear Deal. Use our tool below to contact your congresspeople and demand they condemn this violence!

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  • Al Raoufi
    commented 2021-05-17 05:43:32 -0400
    President Biden polesy avisor Mr Jake Sullivan not expressing the core values of Mr Biden express to Mrs Linda Greenfield in UN mission are questionable, and trouble some, on Palesitian now under massive bombing,Z by Isreali IDF, by Jake Sullivan double talks in media green light, which pleases Trump base and the obstructionist Republican in the house, like Tom cotton, and Linsey Graham, and other like war monger Richard Goldberg, and imposter Mike Pompeo, whom has been wrist than Italian street mobster, for obstruction of justice for Palestian, and Iran deal, fir the people whom read the Christian history, Persian king Shapur the 2bd, whom dfeated the Roman emperor Julian aggression in 300 AD era along with His Roman legion in the banks of the old Iraq rivers, resuced the western and Eastern Christian from Julian new paganism reign of mass murder, force conversion, and Shapur later back Constantine to convert menacing pagans, some of these street thugs from backward part of Italiy are not only bad for italian but a threat to Europe, and but they the wrost crime records in the US states like Bkacj Hand gangs in N Y, now their political mobs on the rise in post modern era, and their disregards for rule of law, and equality of immgrats working class among them.
  • Brent Riley
    commented 2021-04-14 00:21:23 -0400
    Undermining American policy must be rejected.
  • Philip Ratcliff
    followed this page 2021-04-14 00:17:35 -0400
  • Hooman Bustani
    commented 2021-04-13 23:08:26 -0400
    “A man is known by the company he keeps” – Aesop

    Best friends Trump and Netanyahu have a lot in common. Both are Liars, Fearmongers, Hatemongers, Terrorists, and Criminal politicians.
  • Gracie Ann
    commented 2021-04-13 22:43:01 -0400
    ISREAL, STOP GETTING IN THE WAY ALL THE TIME. We need to have peace with Iran, and we need a two state solution with the Palestinians NOW!!!! Enough is Enough!!!! It’s about time that Israel becomes a good neighbor with all around her. Not that Israel keeps killing her neighbors!!!
  • Al Raoufi
    commented 2021-04-13 20:09:47 -0400
    Isreali protestors in early April with large visible banner call Ben “Crime Minister”, he and perverted mossad are the menacing force for depravion of the west Asia as a whole, especially in Iran, with their fabricated lies, from the UN GA few years back to US house, he like Herod 1st remains NO 1 deomestic enemy of peaceful Jewish people world wide, the shameful Israeli politication parties by support him, those with flase base faith, in Abrahamic faith, those whom have forgotten their history of straggles for surival, since Arts Xerxes had Ezra to rebulit temple of Salmon, persian natives are ashamed how far the savagery leaned from Hellenist whom slayed and slave peaceful hebrews, or Calipts whom planted hate in their minds, effecting a large masses of people unchange until present era, for this one master trickesters and decivier after another, as their prime minister, with Ben and his meacing aims for conflct, money, greed, and power play, Persian reject grave sinner as politican since Hordian take over of Jadea rightful king in 37 BC under imposter Romans and arc Anthony whom first burned temple of Salmon, since Parthian noble victory over Rome, the core of persian noble to keep the noble faith, Isreali Crime Minister, as arch agent crime for the likes of depose Trump crime sandicate branch in the israel has damaged US republic in many levels, and with backward UK states, leaders and some the EU members whom don’t stand by their laws, and UN GA against this dark joker Big Ben and his immoral and perverted lies, as a proven war monger for a failed state of Isreali, which remaining as an insult to great Asia, and Western nation’s for not to disturbing peace and cooperation amongst nation’s, after world war two recovery and many more wars after it.
  • Elizabeth Axtell
    followed this page 2021-04-13 19:35:49 -0400
  • Tim Lingg
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  • Bruce E Lane
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  • Philip Henke
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  • Kassimali Dhamani
    commented 2021-04-13 16:31:29 -0400
  • James H Waters
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  • William Marotz
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  • Robert Taylor
    commented 2021-04-13 16:19:06 -0400
    Don’t have Israel get involved with the Iran Nuclear Deal. Don’t! Don’t!