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Humanitarian Day Protest: Stop Child Executions!


Day of Solidarity for Ali, Abdullah and Dawood

On August 19, while the UN commemorates Humanitarian day, we must stand in Solidarity of the victims ignored by the United Nations.

Despite their human rights abuses at horrific proportions, Saudi Arabia is heading the UN human rights commission.  Saudi Arabia's record of human rights is disgusting at best. They have beheaded over 100 people this year already.  One of the most egregious cases include those of the three kids: AliMohammedAlNimr,  Abdullah Al Zaher, And Dawood Al Marhoon: All for the crime of protesting for democracy.  

We will have a large march in  Solidarity Day  for Ali Al-Nimr, Dawood and Abdullah- Friday  19.Please keep these boys in the public eye!  and pray we can halt these illegal executions!




Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
New York, NY, United States,

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