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Unveiling the Strings of Political Puppetry

30 March 2024

By Isra Nadeem 

This week, we learned of a 1.2 trillion bipartisan bill created to avoid a government shutdown. This Biden-backed bill would ban the aid for the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) during the ongoing slaughter and genocide of the people of Gaza. As Democrats and Republicans both pushed their insidious agenda through these “must pass” legislation pieces, the bill disappointingly passed 286 to 134. It also contained billions of unconditional military aid to Israel. Only 23 democrats opposed this bill and recognized the dangers of refusing to fund UNRWA, which is the only effective humanitarian assistance agency in Gaza, and also the complicity the U.S. has in the genocide by sending an additional 3.8 billion to Israel.

Monday, March 25th

It is important to acknowledge and commend the courageous Democrats who stood against a deplorable bill that aimed to finance a corrupt and unethical government. Earlier this week, we made it a priority to personally thank the 23 Democrats who opposed this proposed legislation, which sought to sanction corruption and weaken the UNRWA.

Tuesday, March 26th

On Tuesday, we hosted teach-ins at the offices of prominent AIPAC donor's beneficiaries. The aim was to provide information and enlighten the staff about the financial influence of AIPAC on political campaigns. A significant figure we were focused on was Shontel Brown, commonly called the "AIPAC Princess." Brown won the election over Nina Turner due to AIPAC's million-dollar campaign that discredited Turner and lauded Brown's use of red boxing on her website. These deceitful tactics are evidence of Brown's lack of ethical principles, and her continued acceptance of AIPAC funding demonstrates her susceptibility to financial persuasion. In 2022, AIPAC contributed approximately $349,000 to Brown's campaign

Wednesday, March 27th

In recent events, we discovered the HR 7256 U.S.-South Africa Bilateral Relations Review Act, which aims to impose sanctions on South Africa as a means of punishing them for their relations with Russia and China, as well as their alleged "support" for Hamas and their presentation of the ICJ case against Israel. However, it is essential to note that South Africa has experienced an apartheid regime and, therefore, recognizes the presence of occupation and a segregation-based system. They have stood in solidarity with Palestine, and even Nelson Mandela himself has stated, "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." The South African people understand the ongoing illegalities and immorality of Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians. It is concerning to see that more than ten Democrats have signed the resolution, and we urge them to reconsider their stance and remove their names from the list of signatures. It is time for us to stand for justice and human rights and not turn a blind eye to atrocities being committed against innocent people. We also organized a moving vigil at the Department of Health & Human Services to pay homage to the exceptional healthcare workers serving in Gaza who have lost their lives. More than 400 healthcare workers in Gaza have been killed since. In the past week, Israel besieged and raided Al Shifa Hospital, carrying out kidnappings and executions of patients and healthcare workers alike.

Thursday, March 28th

Thursday, we received the most appalling news that some congresspeople found it appropriate to meet with war criminal Netanyahu. As they all sat at a roundtable, do you think they understood that they were all complicit in the 33,000 Palestinian deaths? We decided to inform these congress members that their secret meeting with a warmonger had been noticed. We observe corruption, disregard for human rights and safety, and a lack of accountability for those who are killed. We went to these war criminal congress people's offices to ask why they find this a priority. Those seven democrats were all endorsed by AIPAC. 

Friday, March 29th

On Friday, our co-founder, Medea Benjamin, participated in a congressional briefing on human rights and democracy in Saudi Arabia. During the briefing, she also discussed the state of "human rights" and "democracy" in the U.S. Medea touches on the situation in Gaza and the ignorance of the American government as it continues to support Israel despite the public sentiment of disgust towards the states genocide against the Palestinian people.