Condemn the Peace Sham

On January 28, 2020, with Benjamin Netanyahu by his side, Donald Trump rolled out his “Deal of the Century” —a plan for permanent apartheid. Tell Congress to issue an immediate and strong rebuke of this plan. 

If you live in the U.S. you can contact your reps here. 

Dear Congress:

On the one hand, the Trump administration’s peace plan for Israel/Palestine is dead on arrival. But on the other hand, it is an outline for how Israel and the United States are likely to force annexation and permanent occupation down the throats of the Palestinian people. This is unacceptable and can easily result in more violence.

Please issue an immediate statement rejecting the “Peace Plan.” Then introduce a resolution for a formal condemnation of the plan.

Rep. Mark Pocan said it well on Twitter: “A peace plan without Palestinian voices is no plan at all. It's a unilateral attempt to continue on a path towards instability in the Middle East, led by @realDonaldTrump and @netanyahu. Any plan must center freedom for both Palestinians & Israelis. Anything less is injustice.”
The plan calls for the annexation of almost all of the West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley and suggests that Palestinians should accept a pay-off in lieu of their basic human rights. While paying lip service to the two-state solution, the way it carves up the West Bank would make this entirely impossible.
In advance of the plan’s release, the humanitarian organization OXFAM called it “a roadmap to permanent occupation” and said that Congress must reject it. “By legitimizing ongoing rights violations and entrenching existing political divisions,” they said, the plan “further dims the prospects for peace.”

Please help preserve Palestinian rights and the prospect of peace by issuing a statement rebuking the plan and then a resolution condemning it.
Social media share: Trump’s plan isn’t peace, it’s apartheid. Tell Congress to raise their voices for Palestinian freedom, dignity, and equality. They must condemn the “Deal of the Century.”


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