No Boeing Bailout!

Boeing, one of the world’s top weapons manufacturers, is asking American taxpayers for a $60 billion bailout. We can’t give corporations like Boeing-which already receives billions in taxpayer money to create weapons of war- a huge payday when American workers are suffering. 

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We are in the midst of a global pandemic, the likes of which we have never seen before. While everyday Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities like food and rent, Boeing is demanding a $60 billion bailout for their shareholders and CEO. What Boeing fails to mention, however, is that American taxpayers regularly subsidize Boeing’s enormous profits-- including the $14.8 billion federal contract Boeing secured to create weapons of war just last year

We need to place the needs of people over profit and ensure that we bail out main street, not wall street. We cannot continue to pour money into companies like Boeing which make a killing on killing. Now is the time to show true leadership and invest in workers and life-affirming programs. 

Don’t vote for any bailout package which gives Boeing another cent to their shareholders and CEO. Any tax payer money allocated to Boeing must commit to three simple rules: no bonuses, no buybacks, & no breaking union contracts in bankruptcy. Boeing cannot continue to make a killing on killing and expect American taxpayers to pay for their reckless and murderous business decisions. 

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