Send your love to Loujain! She’s out of prison but not yet free!

Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul was released from prison on Wednesday, February 10th. She endured over 1000 days of imprisonment for defending human rights. Send some love to Loujain by signing our letter! 

Dear Loujain, 

Thank you for your incredible dedication to uplift women’s rights and human rights. Your bravery and courage is something we, and the world, will never forget. We hope your release is the first step to getting justice and freedom for you and all Saudi women. We will not stop advocating for the conditions of your release to be dropped. We will be on your side as you and your family push for true justice. 

Your love for others inspires us, and your example has shown us that activism works. Without activists like you, women in Saudi Arabia might not have won the right to drive a car. You remind us that activism should be bold, persistent, and done out of love. You remind us that women’s liberation is about challenging power directly, and flipping what patriarchy means on its head. 

Your story has led so many people to action and brought people from around the world together to demand justice for you and all imprisoned human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia. Your dedication to equality for women in Saudi Arabia will never go unnoticed and the sacrifices you made will forever be appreciated. 

You have so many people standing alongside you and supporting you. We will be with you until you get justice, and until your dreams for the future become a reality. Thank you, Loujain. You remind us all to be audacious and advocate from a place of love. 

In love and solidarity,

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