I recently published my story of racism, sexual harassment, and discrimination at BlackRock. Join me to demand that BlackRock takes action to end its discriminatory practices:

  1. Make a public commitment to not sue, defame, or otherwise try to silence ANYONE who speaks out about the harassment or discrimination that they faced at BlackRock. Make a public statement that you will not legally pursue anyone who speaks up and you will not attempt to silence them or retaliate against them in any way, shape, or form.
  2. Hire an independent firm to investigate ALL your internal reports on harassment and discrimination. Your Human Resources team has proven that it will not take the action steps needed to stop harassment in your company. Hire an independent investigator who will be neutral, impartial, and not cover up for the money makers at your firm.
  3. Settle with all those seeking reparations for the discrimination and harassment they faced at BlackRock. Start your racial justice, healing, and reparation journey by giving them the settlements they seek.
  4. Establish an independent Oversight Committee that will oversee critical transformational shifts that BlackRock must work on. The Oversight Committee must consist of ex-BlackRock employees who left the firm due to experiencing racism and harassment there. They experienced it firsthand and will therefore have crucial insight on how to fix it. The committee will conduct an in-depth assessment of the company, develop a detailed action plan that the company must work on to dismantle its internal racism and discriminatory practices, and then monitor the company’s progress and hold it accountable. The action plan will include closing racial and gender inequities (including pay gaps and promotion gaps) and accountability for racist perpetrators and sexual harassers at the firm. The committee must operate with full transparency to the public and publish at minimum quarterly progress reports. The CEO of BlackRock must sit on this committee, and so will Essma Bengabsia.

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