Tell the DNC: Speak Out Against Israeli Occupation

Tell the DNC: Speak Out Against Israeli Occupation: The DNC’s proposed 2020 platform doesn’t even mention Israel’s occupation of Palestine never mind the fact that it is apartheid. Sign our letter below to tell the DNC that the final version of the platform — to be released August, 2020 — must explicitly name and condemn Israeli occupation.

Dear Democratic National Committee,

We, the undersigned, demand you revise the 2020 Democratic platform to explicitly condemn Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. In order to be a truly inclusive and progressive party, it is imperative that you acknowledge and honor the struggle of the Palestinian people, and recognize Israel’s presence in their territory for what it really is: unlawful and unjust occupation.

Palestine has suffered under violent, American-supported apartheid for decades. By not even mentioning the Israeli occupation, you are telling the world that the American Democrats are not concerned with or even cognizant of Palestinians’ long and brutal oppression. Not only is this message callous and hurtful, it is inaccurate. Liberal and progressive Americans have made it clear we want a foreign policy that explicitly supports and advocates for all oppressed groups – including Palestinians.

Furthermore, a lack of support for the Palestinian struggle is incongruent with the Democratic party’s alleged values. Just as we advocate for the equality and just treatment of all Americans, so must we advocate for the equality and just treatment of citizens of other nations. In refusing to criticize or even mention Israel, you are failing to act in accordance with Democratic values.

As a major political party in one of the most influential countries in the world, the Democratic party has the power to enact real change. But change will only happen if we are clear and committed in our beliefs. Please, stand up for Palestine and revise the 2020 DNC platform to explicitly condemn Israeli occupation.


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