BlackRock: Stop Investing in Weapons!

Saudi Arabia bombed a school bus in Yemen, killing 40 small children. BlackRock invests in the companies that make these bombs that are killing children, but with massive pressure, we can get them to divest from weapons manufacturers and help end the war machine. CODEPINK is an investor in BlackRock and will raise this ahead of the shareholder meeting in just 3 weeks. Add your name to back our call and share this widely!

To BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and all BlackRock executives:

We urge you to divest from all weapons manufacturers immediately. Saudi Arabia is the world's #1 weapons importer, and for the past 5 years, we have witnessed them targeting school children, wedding parties, and hospitals in Yemen. It is time for us to stop the slaughter of innocent people and put an end to the senseless war machine.


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