Tell the Progressive Congressional Caucus: We Need Money for Climate Change, not War!

Tell the Congressional Progressive Caucus: Reject any infrastructure bill that prioritizes Pentagon funding over climate funding! 

The Biden Administration and Congress are now finalizing the American Jobs Plan, which has the potential to take bold action to address climate change. 

As we speak, weapons contractors are lobbying Congress to include ADDITIONAL funding for the Pentagon in the American Jobs Plan. The Biden Administration has also capitulated to right-wing pressure and agreed to shave up to $1 trillion from the original infrastructure bill, in the process deprioritizing the urgent need to address climate change.   

We can’t allow the Pentagon to receive one more dime AND the American Jobs Plan must prioritize climate funding. 

Sign on to tell the Congressional Progressive Caucus to reject any infrastructure bill that includes more funding for war and not enough to address the real threat: climate change!

Dear members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus,

Congress is now debating the American Jobs Plan and deciding our budget priorities for the next decade. 

Our planet is at a critical juncture: if we want to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, we need to immediately reverse course and fully fund programs to address climate change. 

However, weapons contractors see the bill as yet another opportunity to line their pockets. They are lobbying to sneak more funding for the Pentagon into the American Jobs Plan and right-wing pressure threatens to seriously scale back climate funding. 

I’m calling on you to use your power to reject any infrastructure bill that includes more money for the Pentagon and not enough for the real threat we face: climate change

While the American Jobs Plan has the potential to fully fund important programs, if we aren’t vigilant, it could be derailed. 

According to the Security Policy Reform Institute, top military contractors received $158.5 billion in contracts from the Pentagon in 2020 which is over a billion more than the American Jobs Plan would give climate programs annually. That’s unacceptable! 

As the Congressional Progressive Caucus, I’m calling on you to lead on this issue and use your power to reject any infrastructure bill that gives more money to the Pentagon and doesn’t take climate change seriously enough. 


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