Biden Must Reseal the Deal!

Negotiations for the United States and Iran to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal are in their eight round, but the clock is about to run out for the deal to be resealed. This moment is urgent and we, as peace-loving people, must send a strong message to President Biden that he must act quickly to reseal the deal. Add your name to our letter to Biden here

Dear President Biden, 

Negotiations for a return to the Iran nuclear deal between the United States and Iran are now in their eighth round and time is rapidly running out. We, the undersigned, as peace-loving people, understand the urgency of the situation and insist that the U.S. re-enter the deal that Trump withdrew from and that you, after almost one year in office, have not returned to. 

the JCPOA was working just fine until Trump's unilateral withdrawal. His disastrous “maximum pressure” policy, as well as assassinations and sabotage of Iranian nuclear facilities by both the U.S. and Israel, have only pushed the Iranian government to step up its nuclear program and helped get a more conservative government in power. Worse yet, Trump's sanctions (particularly brutal in light of the COVID crisis) have caused serious economic and medical hardships for the Iranian people. Your administration has done nothing to alleviate these hardships. 

These talks may be one of the last opportunities for this deal to work. While as a candidate you criticized Trump's hardline on Iran, as President you have kept Trump's policy in and delayed re-entry for far too long. 

The clock is running out on how long the current status quo can be sustained. The U.S. must negotiate reasonably and in good faith—and do so quickly. We have already lost almost an entire year--a year that has meant more suffering for 80 million Iranians! We, the undersigned, appeal to you to get the U.S. back into the JCPOA. 


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