Pink Slip Murry S. Gerber


BlackRock board member Murry S. Gerber has deep ties to war profiteer Halliburton. Murry S. Gerber is actively profiting from the weapons and fossil fuel industries. He serves on the board of directors at BlackRock, the world’s most powerful arms and oil investor. After leaving the fossil fuel company EQT, Gerber joined the board of directors at Halliburton, a company known worldwide for profiting from the Iraq war. The Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE) and LittleSis released a report exposing Gerber. Read the full report here. He invests millions in the fossil fuel industry and directs Halliburton, a significant war profiteer that made millions from US taxpayers.

Murray Gerber has got to go. Sign Gerber’s Pink Slip. 

Murry has violated his terms of employment by:

✓ Ignoring stakeholder’s request to divest from weapons of war

✓ Serving on the board of directors at top war profiteer Halliburton

✓ Profiting from weapons used in the killing of innocent civilians 

✓ Receiving compensation of over $3.4 million from Halliburton

Gerber holds a position that allows him to fill his pockets with millions of dollars. For example, one company he directs and profits from (Halliburton) sees risks and threats to its profits in the climate commitments adopted by another company that Gerber leads and earns from (BlackRock).

BlackRock portrays itself as a caring company, yet its own board of directors has ties to war profiteering, human rights violations, and the fossil fuel industry -- this is unacceptable. If BlackRock wants to be a leader in the progressive financial sector, it must start by cleaning up its board of directors and business practices. 

We are demanding accountability from BlackRock by advocating for Gerber’s resignation. Murray Gerber has got to go. Sign Gerber’s Pink Slip. 


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