Secretary of State Blinken: Approve the visas for the 23 Cubans invited to the People’s Summit!

Why is the U.S. afraid of a People’s Summit? 

Demand that Secretary Blinken allow Cuban artists, academics & activists to attend the People's Summit!

Dear Secretary Blinken,

It is outrageous that 23 Cubans have been denied visas to attend the People’s Summit for Democracy in Los Angeles.This delegation of activists, academics, artists, union leaders and journalists represent a broad swathe of the Cuban people - precisely the same people that the U.S. government shamelessly claims to advocate for when it justifies its aggressions against Cuba.

Renowned Cuban scientist and medical doctor Tania Crombet Ramos is a member of the World Academy of Sciences who contributed to the development of several life-saving vaccines. Reineris Salas Pérez an Olympic wrestler who won the Bronze medal in Tokyo 2020. Jorge González Nuñez is a queer Christian student leader. All three and twenty others were denied visas. 

Why is the U.S. scared of them? Is it because the Biden administration is afraid of Cubans and people in the U.S. forging ties of people-to-people diplomacy that will undermine the narrative pushed by the extremists in Florida who control U.S. policy on Cuba? 

The U.S. routinely claims that it is open to dialogue and that it cares about democracy. There is nothing more unilateral and undemocratic than refusing to allow representatives of Cuban civil society to attend a summit organized by civil society in the United States. Not only does this decision trample on the freedom of movement of Cubans, it violates our right to freedom of information. 

We urge you to reconsider and immediately grant this Cuban delegation visas so they can attend the People’s Summit.


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