Shortly into the confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions CODEPINK member Desiree Fairooz, emitted a reflexive gasp upon hearing Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) say that Mr. Session's record of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented.”

Ms. Fairooz described the reflexive noise she made as, “spontaneous. It was an immediate rejection of what I considered an outright lie or pure ignorance.” She then held a sign reading “Support Civil Rights; Stop Sessions” as she was placed under arrest and taken out of the room.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, Washington, D.C. - CODEPINK members Tighe Barry, Desiree Fairooz, and Lenny Bianchi were found guilty of disorderly conduct and parading or demonstrating on Capitol grounds.

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To U.S. Attorney Generals:

The Department of Justice should not eject people from public hearings in congress and then criminally prosecute them for up to a year in prison for appropriate reactions to absurd and false statements. 

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  • signed 2017-05-27 18:16:13 -0400
    How dare the Congressional Police arrest a citizen for laughing at a statement made by an official at a public hearing. It is a travesty that she was arrested, and even more so that she was charged! This is an abuse of our First Amendment rights to speak out. This is undemocratic.
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    Wanda Harris
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    The greatest Amendment to our constitution is not the Second Amendment, it is the FIRST AMENDMENT. This is the SECOND time a woman has been silenced when expressing opposition to Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III as US Attorney General. Please take into consideration Coretta Scott Kings letter of March 19, 1986 that Mitch McConnell prevented Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading into the record by “silencing” her- even though it had been part of the record in 1986 and male senators read it into the record again in support of Sen. Warren. Please also take into consideration that Jeff Sessions LIED under oath to Congress, and LIED again to the American people when he claimed to recuse himself from all things Trump/Russia, only to conspire with donald trump to get Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to write a recommendation for the firing of FBI director Comey who was heading an investigation of the Trump administration, and then lied about the circumstances of the events leading up to same. Jeff Sessions has proven he is not trustworthy, and a cough, an unintentional laugh, or simply throwing up a little bit in your closed mouth would all be warranted at the confirmation hearing of such a disgrace and embarrassment of a man. Yes, I added a little bit of humour there so please feel free to giggle, roll your eyes or whatever…

    It is my understanding that the “laugh” is barely audible (if at all) on the video/audio recording of the confirmation hearing and was NOT the disturbance claimed. The true disturbance was, quite literally, making this a FEDERAL CASE over a woman who let out a tiny giggle over the hypocrisy of Sessions as Attorney General.

    Attorney General Sessions is a disagreeable, dishonest little man who supports the unconstitutional ban of Muslims (from some Muslim countries but not others- makes little sense) from travel to the US, including refugees trying to escape Islamic extremist terrorists. Further, Sessions has indicated he is unqualified to be Attorney General when he expressed confusion over how a judge in Hawaii has authority to block an executive order- an Attorney General who doesn’t understand the Court system? He is, apparently, also unaware that his job is to represent the American PEOPLE, and merely to advise the president on the LAW. His job is NOT to set policy on behalf of a any president. His response to that is “Then get Congress to change the laws. I’m just following the law” – well, that’s bullshit. He is requesting that the harshest penalties be sought… And if he is really just following or enforcing the law, then he should lock his own damn self up for perjury!

    DO NOT SENTENCE A 60-ish y/old woman to ANY jail time whatsoever. Trump and his hatchet man, Sessions, should not to be permitted to even give an IMPRESSION that criticism and laughter are punishable by prison under this corrupt regime. This case should not have been allowed in a dept headed by the subject of protest and the cause of a giggle- this entire case smells of corruption. Any fine issued should not be excess of $100. But truly the case should be dismissed and, and Jeff Sessions should apologize to the American people and resign from his post.
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    #CODEPINK protestors could face a year in prison for #Laughin. #Resist policing democracy instead of #warcriminals
  • @swsfraser tweeted link to this page. 2017-05-24 01:51:01 -0400
    #CODEPINK protestors could face a year in prison for #Laughin. #Resist policing democracy instead of #warcriminals
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    We come from different backgrounds and her intentions were not meant to be evil and were not calculated. Stop the bullying by patriarchs.
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    Outrageous for someone to be arrested for laughing & protesting at a public event! Another clear indication that this country is becoming a tightly controlled police state.
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    #CODEPINK protestors could face a year in prison for #Laughin. #Resist policing democracy instead of #warcriminals
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    Pretty shocking.
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    #CODEPINK protestors could face a year in prison for #Laughin. #Resist policing democracy instead of #warcriminals
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    Monica O’Leary- I live in Australia
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