CODEPINK DC Activist House


Trump is in the White House. Shouldn’t you be in Washington DC?

unnamed-96.jpgWe are looking for spunky, creative, resourceful, courageous people to stay in the CODEPINK activist house in Washington DC for a minimum of one week to join us as we protest Trump’s policies outside the White House, the Supreme Court, Department of Justice, and the halls of Congress, and as we support other groups working for justice and the future of our nation and planet. 

The rent is free, but democracy isn’t (nor is food). Join the CODEPINK Resistance. 

Interested? Contact Paki Wieland, for more info. 

Information about the CODEPINK DC Activist House

Where is it?

It is located at 1241 Evarts St NE, Washington DC. This is the section of DC known as Brookland. As you can see from the photos, it’s a lovely house. It has 3 bedrooms and houses 5 people at a time. 

What about transportation?

It is 6 blocks from the Rhode Island red line metro station. Lyft and Uber are easy choices for getting around. If you drive to DC and want to keep your a car there, depending on availability, there might be parking in the back of the house.

What is the neighborhood like? 

It’s a nice, quiet, family neighborhood with restaurants and shops close by.  

What kinds of things might we be doing there?

Inauguration_34.jpgThere are usually hearings to go to, protests at the White House, and solidarity actions. Washington DC is also a beautiful city full of great (and free) museums. In the evenings there are often events you can attend (check out the Washington Peace Center calendar and the events happening at the various Busboys and Poets restaurants). 

Might I get arrested?

Most of our activities do not involve arrestable actions, but sometimes we do engage in civil disobedience. You don’t have to risk arrest if you don’t want to; this is an individual choice. There are people who stay at the house who are careful not to get arrested, but provide essential support for those who do. There are people who come to the house open to participate in civil disobedience actions but have never done it before. We are happy to provide training, guidance and an understanding of the penalties you might face.

How does the house function?

It’s like a community and a practice in democracy. People share responsibility for housekeeping. There are often collective meals and pot lucks for the community. You may also be involved in making and keeping track of props/signs that are used in our actions, making calls to the press, helping to organize events and doing outreach. 






Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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    Fantastic !!! Keep Up The Good Work !!!
  • commented 2017-12-03 10:05:23 -0500
    This looks really great. I’m in my late 70s but I think I’d fit in well, having been an activist-journalist since the late 1960s (most recently I’ve published articles on the anti-fracking resistance movement.) I’m used to communal living. I am tidy, responsible, fairly calm under pressure, and passionate about opposing and ousting the hellish regime now reigning over us.
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    Totally awesome!
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    Love it! You are all awesome people and I have watched you in the chambers on TV for years. You make my heart sing!
  • commented 2017-09-05 16:19:39 -0400
    Do you have any actions planned for sept 15 and or 16? Thanks for any help
    Also I didn’t get a pussy ears hat when I was at the womens march, can I buy one?
  • commented 2017-08-31 17:18:22 -0400
    What a great house! Love the color, hoping I can stay there, even on the floor, for the Divest training weekend of 20-22!
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    Awesome! This is what democracy looks like. (orange u happy)
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    Sending a request to Paki ( to stay at Codepink house 6/13-6/19 for Cynthia Papermaster and GG (Gwen) Winter of Golden Gate Codepink (SF Bay Area). Yes?? We want to go to the UNAC Anti-war conference in Richmond and to lobby Congress to not sell arms to Saudis, among other Codepink actions.
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    if there is room for the 28th and 29th either evening can someone call Angel at 217-502-9378??—thanks
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    What a lovely house and beautiful idea! I get a sense of the power generated there by simply looking at the pictures. I wish I were able to join you there. I will share this with friends. Congratulations for all of your work and success. Keep it up.
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    You have a wonderful house; a colorist array w ban-sYmBoLs here/there. Should not the ban symbol also be HALT NSDU-238, i.e. not-so-depleted ur-238? when in Washington, could I rest and shower…donations you subscribe! tRumpeteR’s my age. I’m a boomer though!
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    When do you want me there?
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    Posted this at DC area women’s march group. They’re talking about meeting at some point so great if some Code Pink could attend!