Send Ahed Tamimi Love and Solidarity on Her Birthday!

The latest news about Ahed Tamimi's detention by Israel is horrific. Israel is refusing to release her on bail pending trial. Not only this, but the court proceedings against her will begin on January 31, the day of her 17th birthday. Rather than celebrating with family and friends, eating cake, and having a party, Ahed will spend her birthday in a military courtroom. She will sleep that night in a prison cell.

Sign the birthday card to Ahed and write a personal message of love and support. We will have the card and your messages delivered to Ahed in prison.

You can also download, print and post this card to: Ahed Tamimi, HaSharon Prison, Even Yehuda, P.O. Box 7, 40 330 Israel.

Dear Ahed,

We are sending love and solidarity to you on your 17th birthday.

Most teenage girls mark their 17th year with friends and family, parties and celebrations. But the occupation has snatched this right of passage away from you by arresting you in your own home in the middle of the night and holding you in military detention.

Now you face a military court trial on your special day.

We send love and support to you today and every day. We are inspired by your courage in the face of injustice. As you spend your 17th birthday behind bars, we will carry on your struggle for freedom.


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    Happy belated birthday, don’t give up be strong. We are all behind you. Hug and support from Ireland 🇮🇪
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    Send #Ahed Tamimi a message of love & solidarity while she faces trial on her #birthday, Jan 31 #FreeAhed @codepink
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    Belated Happy Birthday, dearest Ahed! Bless you always! We made a video and a song for you! May you soon be free again! And may freedom and peace come to all of Palestine! Salaam! XX
  • signed 2018-02-14 08:40:17 -0500
    It takes courage guts and dignity to do what you have been doing all these years . hang in there don’t let the them take that away from you. you represent a nation against the world . a victim again the oppressor the will of god will prevail and you have that in you . we love you!!! support you and we pray for you and your family.
  • signed 2018-02-12 19:03:55 -0500
    My heart, thoughts, and support are with you, Ahed! Stay strong and take courage from all the people who support you and your countrymen and women!
  • signed 2018-02-11 20:06:05 -0500

    Millions of people will fight until you and all the other kids are freed. Enjoy your birthday because we’re with you in spirit, Ahed.
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    Send #Ahed Tamimi a message of love & solidarity while she faces trial on her #birthday, Jan 31 #FreeAhed @codepink
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    Send #Ahed Tamimi a message of love & solidarity while she faces trial on her #birthday, Jan 31 #FreeAhed @codepink
  • signed 2018-02-10 19:52:29 -0500
    Stay strong. You’re a hero.
  • signed 2018-02-10 18:34:23 -0500
    You are in the hearts,and prayers,of many.
  • signed 2018-02-09 03:55:52 -0500
    اذا الشعب يوما أراد الحياه. فلا بد ان يستجيب القدر

    ولابد لليل ان ينجلي ولا بد للقيد ان ينكسر

    كل عام وانت بخير يا ايقونه فلسطين والعالم الحر
  • signed 2018-02-07 10:41:32 -0500
    Dear Ahed, i hope that the next birthday you can be at home. Resist! Many people are with you and free palestinian cause. You are a strong girl. I love you❤
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    Send #Ahed Tamimi a message of love & solidarity while she faces trial on her #birthday, Jan 31 #FreeAhed @codepink
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    Ahed, you are not alone. Happy birthday. Solidarity.
  • signed 2018-02-05 09:43:16 -0500
    Freedom shall be yours whatever mistreatments they give to you.
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    Happy Birthday Ahed It is dreadful to have to acknowledge that you are spending your birthday in prison. There is mounting pressure from around the world on the Israeli government for your release. We hope that this will happen soon and you will be released to rejoin your family. Be of good heart many people are working on your behalf. 🌺🦋🏵️
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    We salute your bravery and steadfastness and trust that your jailers will show decency and humanity and release you soon. We will not forget Palestinian suffering.
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    Palestine will be free one day and you can live as a free young woman to pursue your other dreams
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    This greeting comes to you from Norway….

    -When your immediate surroundings has little or even nothing to offer of warmth,love or friendlyness,-then,however short, call forth warm inner pictures and memories to NOURISH YOUR SOUL!

    -We wish you courage and LOTS of strength,and we really hope this crime against you soon will find its end!You are in our thoughts!
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    Happy Birthday little warrior woman! Keep teaching the world how to be a real woman, brave powerful and loving.

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