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Beyond the War: Storytelling as Resistance

 Join CODEPINK and Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation for a conversation with Atiaf Alwazir. Born in Sana’a, raised in the U.S. and now based in Brussels, Atiaf is a writer focused on memory, identity, and cultural heritage. She has lived in eight countries where she worked with non-governmental organizations and research institutions on human rights, gender and political analysis. In 2011, she actively participated in the uprising in Yemen, documented the events on her blog and co-founded SupportYemen, a storytelling collective. Her articles have been published in several international media. She is the co-author of Change Square, a photo book on Yemen’s revolution. In February 2020, she gave a TEDx talk at Berkeley University called “The Other Side of Yemen’s War.”  She’s currently writing a novel set between Yemen and the U.S., along with a children’s book on resilience. Atiaf is a consultant with Gender Associations.

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