VIDEO Pres. Obama Speaks at Tucson Memorial, CODEPINK Calls for AZ Lawmakers to Strengthen Gun Control Laws

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Tonight, President Obama to give talk from a memorial service for the shooting victims in Tucson. It will be broadcast live on TV at 8pm ET, or you can watch it on your computer right here.

While President Obama will likely avoid talking about the bigger issue of gun control laws in his talk tonight, it bears saying that Arizona already has some of the most lax gun control laws in the country. And what's more, Arizona state lawmakers are thinking of making it even easier to carry concealed weapons on campus through two new bills. One bill, H2001, would allow faculty at state community colleges and universities to carry guns with valid permits. Another bill, H2014, would prevent educational institutions from stopping those with valid permits from carrying them on their campuses.

Please, take a moment right now to send a note urging Gov. Jan Brewer and the co-sponsors of these bills to work to strengthen, not weaken, state gun control laws. It's up to us to make them realize that you can't shoot your way to security anymore than you can bomb the world to peace.

CODEPINK Tucson activists co-organized a press conference on 1/11/11 with local peace groups. Video below:

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