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Help us bring a delegation of Venezuelan feminists to the U.S.!

Help us bring a delegation of Venezuelan feminists to the U.S.! In partnership with the DSA International Committee, CODEPINK has invited three Venezuelan women to visit six cities in the U.S. 

Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M. will travel across the country to speak about life under sanctions and resistance to hybrid war. They will visit New York, Washington, Durham, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles - ending their tour at the People’s Summit.

Mónica is a professor and arts administrator who writes a weekly column and studies Afro-Venezuelan traditions. Anggie is a Wayuu activist and educator on Indigenous, sexual and reproductive rights. Yolimar is an industrial engineer and is part of the internationalist brigade of Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Venezuela. 

Your donation will help fund their travel so they can speak with elected officials and local communities throughout the U.S. We’ll livestream some of their events so folks in other parts of the country can follow along.

Sharing this fundraiser is just as important as donating! If each of us can get four other people to donate at least $5, we’ll not only hit the goal in no time, we’ll also spread the word to many more people. 

This will be a unique opportunity for the people of the U.S. to hear directly and in person from Venezuelans impacted by sanctions.

$2,232 raised

GOAL: $3,000

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