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May 28th to June 11th: Venezuelan Feminist Tour

CODEPINK and the DSA International Committee are teaming up to host three Venezuelan feminist activists, Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M., to discuss the impact of illegal US sanctions against their country and how they disproportionately hurt women and children. Between May 28th and June 11th, they are slated to 7 US cities: NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Durham (NC), Portland (OR), San Francisco and Los Angeles, where they end their tour as guest speakers at The People’s Summit for Democracy. Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M. will travel across the country to speak about life under illegal US sanctions and the Venezuelan resistance to hybrid war.

Check back again soon if they'll be in your city and you don't see an event listed yet - we'll be updating this page as the events get confirmed.

We're still fundraising for this tour, please click here to contribute!

🕊️ See you there in PINK🕊️

About Our Guests

Monica M.

Mónica M. is a professor, arts administrator, writer and student of Afro-Venezuelan drumming traditions. She is a professor of literature and culture at the National Experimental Arts University (Unearte) and writes a regular column for online magazines EpaleCCS (Hey Caracas) and Ciudad Caracas (Caracas City). Mónica also manages Herencia, a drumming group that seeks to preserve Afro-Venezuelan musical traditions through research, workshops and performances. She is currently pursuing specializations in Cultural Economy at Unearte and in Black Studies at the Latin American Council for Social Sciences (Clacso).

Anggie H.

Anggie H. is an Indigenous Wayuu feminist and activist. She is the administrator and treasurer of the Woumain Waneesia civil association. which gives workshops on indigenous rights in areas at risk of coal mining. Previously she was the vice president of Municipal Institute for Women and Gender Equality of Maracaibo, Venezuela's second largest city. She is currently studying political science and is an active member of the Cimarrón Feminist Harvest Collective and the Todas Nosotras Violeta social movement.

Yolimar M.

Yolimar M. is an industrial engineer, a member of the internationalist brigade of Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Venezuela, and part of the Todas Nosotras Violeta movement, which offers workshops on sexual and reproductive rights. She has worked at PDVSA, Petrocaribe and as a teacher at the National Institute for Socialist Training and Education, as well as at Misión Sucre, a social mission that provides free higher education to adults.