U.S. Media: Report Venezuela Accurately!

The U.S. is orchestrating a coup in Venezuela that is likely to lead to bloodshed — even civil war and U.S. liberal media are willing participants in the “humanitarian aid” PR stunt to make it happen. Fair.org just published an excellent report on how Venezuela Coverage Takes Us Back to Golden Age of Lying About Latin America.

Tell the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC not to collaborate with the Trump-Abrams-Bolton PR stunt to weaponize humanitarian aid in order to foment violence for their coup on Venezuela. Tell the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC they have a responsibility to report accurately and truthfully.

Dear New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC,

The U.S. has a long and sordid history of supporting coups in Latin America — Guatemala in 1953, Chile in 1973, Honduras in 2009 — and it always turned out disastrous for the people. The U.S. “humanitarian aid” convoy is an obvious stunt to galvanize the opposition and foment violence in pursuit of the coup efforts. The risks are civil war in Venezuela and U.S. military involvement that could last for years and take countless lives.

As media you have a responsibility to report the situation and motivations and the plans of the Trump administration truthfully and accurately. For example, NPR’s Inconvenient Truth recently accurately reported:

“The U.S. effort to distribute tons of food and medicine to needy Venezuelans is more than just a humanitarian mission. The operation is also designed to foment regime change in Venezuela — which is why much of the international aid community wants nothing to do with it. Humanitarian operations are supposed to be neutral.

That’s why the International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations agencies and other relief organizations have refused to collaborate with the U.S. and its allies in the Venezuelan opposition who are trying to force President Nicolás Maduro from power.

“Humanitarian action needs to be independent of political, military or any other objectives,” Stéphane Dujarric, the U.N. spokesman, told a press briefing last week in New York. “The needs of the people should lead in terms of when and how humanitarian assistance is used.”

This is the kind of accurate reporting, as well as looking at past U.S. regime change endeavors and the histories of Elliot Abrams and John Bolton’s involvement, that the world expects and needs from media leaders like you.

The stakes are high and the people of Venezuela, America, and the entire world, stand to pay the price if you do not end your participation in the Trump-Abrams-Bolton PR stunt.


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  • April Kemp
    signed 2019-02-27 13:26:11 -0500
  • Eric Rdô
    signed 2019-02-27 12:49:07 -0500
  • Jeffrey Sayed
    signed 2019-02-27 10:47:11 -0500
    I see what’s going on here. The US is acting preemptively. Maduro is the chosen and natural successor to the populist, charismatic and champion of the poor the Late Hugo Chevez The Trump Administration does not want a return of a socialist revolutionary like Chevez in the form of Madura. I don’t think the United States wants a repeat of Maduro showing up at the UN and calling American President Donald Trump the devil and basically being a thorn in the side of American style Capitalism (where “greed” for the lack of a better word is good.)

    I do have one criticism for bold and charismatic leaders like Chavez. One cannot help and come to the aid of the poor, marginalized and disenfranchised by going after the country’s well to do and elite thinking that you can take from them by applying brute force by nationalizing banks and industry for instance. That is not the way to correct and rectify social and economic injustice. It never works.Take Pakistan’s Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, himself from a big landowning family but founder of a leftist socialist party called Pakistan People’s Party. Look what happened to him and the period of martial law instituted in its wake by one General Muhammad Zia-ul- Haq who took power from PM Bhutto in a army coup.. Then you had to see how President Zia-ul-Haq ended up losing his life. The whole irony is that unlike Latin America, where the Catholic Church plays a big role, Pakistan is a very Moslem country with mosques all over and where one can be punished by death for of all things, insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, who in case anybody didn’t know is the last and final prophet and messenger of Allah. Now I pray for a peaceful world where all kinds of justice social and economic notwithstanding prevails.
  • Manal Ramadan
    signed 2019-02-27 10:11:49 -0500
  • Sheena Jacob
    signed 2019-02-27 09:56:57 -0500
  • Joyce Michel
    signed 2019-02-27 09:50:01 -0500
  • Delia Marcon
    signed 2019-02-27 07:17:13 -0500
  • Bennette Dibben
    signed 2019-02-27 04:51:42 -0500
  • Drew Watson
    signed 2019-02-27 03:56:17 -0500
    Drew Watson
  • Wendy Gichuru
    signed 2019-02-27 03:26:04 -0500
  • Judith and Lester A Hoyle
    signed 2019-02-27 03:16:41 -0500
  • Barbara Cummings
    signed 2019-02-26 23:08:56 -0500
    We need to keep our hands off Venezuela. This is what we have done in country after country including Iran simply because we want their oil. We need to drop the sanctions and try to be the democracy we claim to be.
  • Carlyle Moulton
    signed 2019-02-26 21:39:23 -0500
    It’s not just about oil, the US is absolutely terrified that a socialist government may succeed, it is an imperative for US politicians to prevent that.

    Of course the Maduro government is corrupt and incompetent, all governments are but a relevant question is whether it is more corrupt and incompetent than that of the USA? Another question is why is the USA trying to force Venezuela to accept US aid worth a a few million dollars while it is imposing sanctions that cost that nation $30,000,000 every day?

    The collapse in oil prices has damaged Venezuela but whether that alone was enough to make its government so dysfunctional without the addition of sanctions and the economic sabotage by Venezuela’s plutokleptocratic elite is something that I doubt.
  • angelo festa
    signed 2019-02-26 21:36:25 -0500
    Once again, OIL rears it’s ugly head. The toadies pushing for this confrontation, are from the same team that causes millions of deaths in the Middle East. The very thing that is responsible for global warming, will now be the cause for a new round of death and destruction directly by the US greed machine. Where is the media while this is happening? It’s apparent to me, that they are aiding and abetting in this despicable process.
  • Wazeer Sharieff
    signed 2019-02-26 20:37:54 -0500
  • Maurice Vaughan
    signed 2019-02-26 19:43:04 -0500
  • Mike Dooley
    signed 2019-02-26 19:06:33 -0500
  • Scott Thomson
    signed 2019-02-26 18:32:22 -0500
  • Matthew Thompson
    signed 2019-02-26 17:18:41 -0500
    Matthew Thompson
  • Katia Scaglia
    signed 2019-02-26 17:12:16 -0500
    Katia Scaglia
  • steve leggett
    signed 2019-02-26 16:46:05 -0500
  • Jackie Rezende
    signed 2019-02-26 16:19:29 -0500
  • Aaron Tovish
    signed 2019-02-26 15:33:14 -0500
    The US could have sent aid via recognized international channels. Instead they stir up false hope while itching for a confrontation. Let’s have more coverage of the efforts by Mexico, Ecuador, and the Vatican to mediate, and none of this bogus parading of “aid”.
  • Jose DeJesus
    signed 2019-02-26 15:11:39 -0500
  • Dianne Ensign
    signed 2019-02-26 15:03:19 -0500
  • Cameron Taharah
    signed 2019-02-26 15:01:36 -0500
  • Xanthe Butcher
    signed 2019-02-26 14:29:26 -0500
    I find the MSM coverage of this US treachery nauseating and infuriating; they are complicit in promoting war crimes.
  • susan chapman
    signed 2019-02-26 14:26:15 -0500
    Susan Chapman
  • Claudia Shipley
    signed 2019-02-26 14:10:00 -0500
    Tired of these oil grabbing wars.
  • jean harrington
    signed 2019-02-26 14:03:12 -0500
    It’s b/c of coups that other countries—-I could mention a country—-don’t trust US. Now you know “why”!

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