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Tell Congress to vote NO to escalating the war in Ukraine

Politicians in Congress will soon rush legislation to spend another $37 billion, with $22 billion for weapons, on the war in Ukraine. This massive war funding will be voted on in a lame-duck Congress before the people just elected can vote.

Tell your House and Senate reps to vote NO on more money to escalate a war that threatens further climate chaos, skyrocketing inflation, world hunger and, most disturbingly, nuclear annihilation! We need a ceasefire and peace negotiations, not escalation that could lead to WWIII.

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  • Mike Caggiano
    commented 2022-11-15 20:58:37 -0500
    cease fire cease fire and cease fire. Listen to Henry Kissinger. There is no direction here and nowhere to go. Cease fire and negotiations are the only path forward.
  • Clarice Stepanian Adams
    commented 2022-11-15 20:57:21 -0500
    Stop the irresponsible spending on this proxy war that is frightening and immoral. We need peacemaking not war waging. Enough is enough. If you care about Ukraine, you would put an end to it’s decimation by not feeding the fire and stonewalling peace talks.
  • Richard Burrill
    commented 2022-11-15 20:56:04 -0500
    Vote NO on another $37 million to escalate the war in Ukraine.