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CODEPINKers Ukraine Organizing Call


On Tuesday, March 28th, join CODEPINK and activists to talk about the urgent needs for peace and diplomacy in Ukraine. Bring your questions and concerns to this community call where we will be sharing talking points and learning more about how we can call for peace in Ukraine.

This week, we will be hearing from Marcy Winograd about using Medea Benjamin's video on her book War in Ukraine as a teaching tool to engage your own community.

Can we count you in?





129 RSVPS Peace Action John Lawrence Stephanie Williams Dennis DiTullio henry duke Mario Rodríguez elizabeth murillo Dana Fairbanks Jerry King Felicity De Motta Yvonne Scott Martha Hennessy Virginia Meagher Helen Evelev Patricia Rodriguez Pamela Brubaker Rebecca Hughes Jon Autiello Rose Greco Matthew Owen Jack Powelson Bob Spies Helen Ost Warren M. Gold Tad Daley Susan K. Seats Marco Giuseppe Toma zool Zulkowitz Roger Underhill Evan Coutsias Jan Krick Larry Semark Velit Seyfettin Michael Sukhov Susan Scott Mathew Fascetti Isabel Oneal Janet Weil Vivian Weinstein Îzvara Predmore Bennett Berkowitz Merrie K Sylvia Manning Jennifer Holland Jean Haskell Steve Shapiro Robert E. Hanson Dick Emanuelsson