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Uber: Oppression of Saudi Women

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What's the issue?

  • Saudi Arabia is the only country where women are prohibited from driving.
  • There is no official law, but government officials and religious leaders enforce a ban.
  • The ban prevents women from traveling freely, which inhibits their ability to attend school, maintain a job, and socialize.
  • The ban on driving stems from the male guardianship system: a structure which decrees women must have the permission of a male relative (father, husband, brother, or even a son) for any personal decisions such as obtaining medical care, attending school, pursuing a career, or traveling.

How is Uber involved?

  • Uber accepted a $3.5 million investment from Saudi Arabia
  • Uber placed Yasir Al Rumayyan- managing director of the Saudi government fund- on their Board of Directors.
  • The ride services company is profiting from the driving ban on women as their customer base is 80% female.
  • Saudi women are standing against the company because of its partnership with their oppressive government.
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  • Social media hashtags: #IAmMyOwnGaurdian, #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen

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