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June 17-19: Join CODEPINK at the Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington

In the face of systemic racism, systemic poverty, ecological devastation, the war economy/militarism, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism — we must engage in mass nonviolent moral direct action. We must declare that we won’t be silent anymore about the war on the poor by ensuring that the pentagon’s bloated budget is cut and redirected to our needs! To end wars and militarism, we need the peace movement to show up in DC for the Poor People’s Campaign on June 18th.

The peace movement has a history of strength in numbers. Use THIS as an opportunity to practice real and tangible solidarity and organizing by building the peace movement with us. If you’re coming, bring a friend. If you’re funding someone’s trip, get a friend to fund someone’s trip too. Solidarity begins with realizing if one of us wins, we all win. Our struggles are connected to one another and this is the moment to declare loudly that we will not let the ruling class destroy humanity with endless wars. Only the masses can deliver the people what they need, so: 

Join CODEPINK’s Cut the Pentagon team on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 17-19 at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.

RSVP here!  If you can't make it, consider funding a young activist to attend this event!

Sign up form for individuals coming to D.C.  Coalition sign-up form  PPC Rideshare   Contact Us! 

🕊️ See you there in PINK🕊️