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Thank you, Ilhan Omar!

Help us thank Representative Omar for signing our pledge to refuse money from weapons makers!

Dear Representative Omar, 

We wanted to thank you, as constituents and supporters, for pledging to refuse money from weapons companies. We recognize these companies supply so many campaigns around the country with thousands of dollars every year. Representatives like you make important foreign policy decisions every day, and leaders who accept large campaign donations from these companies regularly vote for increased Pentagon budgets and arms deals that benefit their campaign donors. 

Thank you for having the courage and integrity to refuse money from companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman. We appreciate you!



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  • Mary signed 561 days ago

  • Rita signed 577 days ago

  • Tracy signed 584 days ago

  • helgaleena signed 585 days ago

  • Elaine signed 586 days ago

  • Brad signed 595 days ago

  • Irene signed 596 days ago

  • Harry signed 604 days ago

  • Giovanni signed 605 days ago

  • Barry signed 610 days ago

  • Marcia signed 611 days ago

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  • Ramona signed 620 days ago