Thank You for Taking Action to Stop Saudi Weapon Sales!

Thank you for contacting your Senator to urge them to block the sale of more weapons to Saudi Arabia! Since Congress only has 30 days to act, it's important that the Senate receives as many emails as possible, quickly!

Can you help us get as much support as possible by using the links below to share this action on social media and by emailing your friends with the sample message we've included?

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I just took action to urge my Senator to block additional weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. Selling more weapons and munitions to the Saudis – while they continue attacks on Yemen that have been called “war crimes” – is throwing fuel on a raging fire. Please contact your Senator and tell them to block these weapon sales by clicking on the link below!


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  • Abid Shah
    commented 2016-08-17 11:37:22 -0400
    Great article. Saudi Arabia is a capital of terrorism. Abid Shah
  • Benjamin House
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-08-17 09:53:43 -0400
    Thank You for Taking Action to Stop Saudi Weapon Sales!
  • Rita Clarke
    commented 2016-08-16 18:21:51 -0400
    I’m grateful to Code Pink for its intelligence and ability to inform all of us about URGENT and important matters such as this, and I intend to write a “real” letter to my Senators this week to ask them to stop selling weapons – bombs – to Saudi Arabia in light of the fact that INNOCENT CIVILIANS are the target for such weaponry. Two things further: Are there “NEWS” sources for people like me that tell these stories and other crucial stories about how our government is acting immorally and unlawfully. And, secondly, I regret that I do not believe or see any evidence that our collective efforts on behalf of foreign civilians makes any difference whatsoever. I love this country but I recognize it has become a dangerous rogue and there’s nothing I can do – we can do – about it.
  • Jim Perry
    commented 2016-08-12 18:58:16 -0400
    Illuminating. Code Pink offers edifying and researched facts that
    will not appear on NPR or PBS, nor most all newspapers. I’m lucky
    to get this kind of information on KPFA independent Radio from
    Berkeley. I hate being lied to by our infected Government. Thanks
    to all of you very Brave people.