Tell CAP to cancel meeting with Netanyahu

Can you believe it? While the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a rampage--shooting, jailing and beating thousands of Palestinians, the “liberal” think tank Center for American Policy (CAP) has invited Netanyahu on November 10th to meet in a closed-door session. CAP, one of the most influential progressive think tanks in the U.S. with very close ties to the Obama administration, should not be chatting with a man who has been inciting hatred, entrenching a brutal status quo of apartheid, and presiding over a terrifying descent into far-right extremist violence. Join us in urging CAP to cancel its planned meeting with Netanyahu:

We, the undersigned, call on the Center for American Progress (CAP) to rescind its invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. CAP has a long and proud tradition of providing a venue for progressive thinkers and leaders to exchange ideas that advance peace, equality, and human rights. Netanyahu does none of those things -- in fact, he collectively punishes civilian populations, and openly stirs up racial hatred. As Jews and allies, we urge you to rescind your invitation, and to not provide Netanyahu with a platform to propagate his hatred.

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