May 30

Inspiration for Your Friday

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Janet Weil"Does my sassiness upset you?" – Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)This past week was punctuated,...
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May 24

Note to NATO: war and occupation in Afghanistan will not empower women!

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Sharon MillerThis past week, CODEPINKers were among thousands of activists who gathered to speak out against NATO...
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Apr 16

Solidarity with mothers (and all women) on Mother’s Day

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Sharon MillerAlthough I plan to celebrate Mother’s Day with my own mother (hi, Mom!), I have...
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Nov 01

Are We Bonobos or Chimpanzees? Evolution and Occupy Wall Street

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBonobos and chimpanzees, our closest animal relatives, are almost exactly the same type of monkey. They are...
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Oct 25

A to Z Guide to Supporting Your Local "Occupation"

Posted by CODEPINK StaffA to Z list of things you as a CODEPINKer can do at your local “Occupation”A: Action(s)...
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Aug 26

On Women's Equality Day Are We Celebrating the Right to Be Equally Screwed?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffA coalition of women's organizations today launched a campaign in support of women's health and economic rights...
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Aug 22

Revolts and Rebellions - Arundhati Roy

Posted by CODEPINK StaffDavid Barsamian, independent journalist and founder of Alternative Radio, interviews Arundhati Roy about Kashmir, post-colonial states, the...
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Aug 07

See The Whistleblower

Posted by CODEPINK Staff The Whistleblower is a political thriller starring Rachel Weiscz. It is now playing in LA and...
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Aug 01

Rich Man's Coup of America and Women's Challenge

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCODEPINK is leading the nonviolent resistance to the rich man's coup of America. Join us by commenting...
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May 09

Why I am in Arizona for Mother's Day

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFirst, I forgot my laptop at the office. Then, my luggage in a friend's car. Finally, I...
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