Apr 27


Posted by CODEPINK StaffNot too many people have heard of AIPAC, which stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. ...
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Apr 02

CODEPINK Marks Global BDS Action Day In Style

Posted by CODEPINK Staff From flash mobs in Netherlands to targeting the Pixies over Twitter, March 30th was the second...
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Mar 30

Nordstrom Fails on Social Responsibility By Selling Products from Illegally Occupied Territory

Posted by CODEPINK StaffNordstrom promotes itself as a socially responsible company that supports "quality business principles" but is it really...
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Feb 23

Gaza Digest

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAfter 13 months of compiling the Gaza Digest, I have decided that it’s time for me to...
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Feb 10

AIPAC: Reflections Of An Inside Protest

Posted by CODEPINK StaffOn December 15th I participated in my first direct action. I have been organizing against the US’...
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Dec 28

The Egyptian Puppet State

Posted by CODEPINK Staffrepost from Sam Husseini at Just after midnight I couldn't sleep. Went out to get a...
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Dec 13

Letter to the Editor: Turning Whose Mud into Money?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffHere is a letter that Fortune Small Business didn't publish....To the Editor of Fortune Small Business,In her...
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Aug 11

VIDEO: Who profits from Israeli occupation?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThe Real News just published this compelling 10-min. clip detailing the purpose and history of current efforts...
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Jul 21

STOLEN BEAUTY: The Struggle for a Just Peace in the Middle East Coming to a Store Near You

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAs the dust settled on the destroyed homes, schools and lives in the aftermath of Israel’s assault...
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Jul 13

"Not even blood samples can get out"

Posted by CODEPINK StaffLinda Todd Gharib, a delegate on CODEPINK's most recent delegation to Gaza, is still in Gaza and...
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