Jun 10

Worldwide Spending on Weapons Hits All-Time High - Tell Congress, ENOUGH!

Posted by CODEPINK StaffWorldwide military spending on arms hit an all-time high last year, according to a new report.  In 2008,...
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May 21

Mourn the Dead, and Fight Like Hell for the Living

Posted by CODEPINK Staff In the kitchen the other night, I was thinking about my nephew, the Marine lieutenant, and...
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Mar 27

Official release: CODEPINK denounces Obama plan for Afghanistan

Posted by CODEPINK Staff CODEPINK denounces Obama plan for AfghanistanCalls for reallocation of war funds into American needs, rapid withdrawal,...
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Jan 08

The view of Gaza from Tulkarem...

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAriel Vegosen, a Jewish peace activist based in New York City and CODEPINKer, has been visiting Israel...
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Jan 01

Deepak Chopra sends New Year message of peace to Obama

Posted by CODEPINK StaffOn New Year's Day, Deepak Chopra sends this letter to President-Elect Obama on how to create peace. ...
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Dec 28

Flight to Amman

Posted by CODEPINK StaffHello everyone, Sally writing from Amman, Jordan. I'm wearing a couple hats here - I'm a very...
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Oct 17

Fayetteville Observer: "Whatever preventive action is being taken at Fort Bragg, it isn’t enough."

Posted by CODEPINK StaffRetired Col. Ann Wright writes her response to a recent scathing editorial in Tuesday's Fayetteville Times on...
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Oct 15

U.S. military men sexually assault one-third of fellow female soldiers

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThree years ago, an American soldier LaVena Johnson of Missouri bought candy, soda and lip balm one...
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