Medea Benjamin

Mar 30

Obama on Libya: George W. Bush 2.0

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Medea Benjamin and Charles DavisHis lines may be better delivered, but Barack Obama is sounding – and acting...
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Feb 04

Mubarak Mobs and Street Vendors: Welcome to Egypt

Posted by CODEPINK StaffI was in the middle of buying some mints from a street vendor on Cairo’s Talat Harb...
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Feb 02

Update from CODEPINK Peace Delegation in Cairo

Posted by CODEPINK Staff Tonight our CODEPINK delegation in Cairo returned to Tahrir Square after the terrible events of this...
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Feb 02

CODEPINK Travels to Cairo to Stand in Solidarity with the Egyptians

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAfter several canceled flights, I am finally on my way to Egypt to join my CODEPINK colleagues...
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Oct 27

CODEPINK Beats Blackwater in Court!

Posted by CODEPINK StaffJust when Wikileaks revealed ten more deaths of innocent Iraqis at the hands of Blackwater mercenaries, the...
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Oct 05

Free Speech TV Interview: Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCheck out these video highlights from Free Speech TV's coverage of the historic One Nation Working Together...
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Sep 14

CODEPINK gives Karl Rove indigestion at DC luncheon

Posted by CODEPINK Staff CODEPINK gives Karl Rove indigestion at DC luncheonBy Medea Benjamin On September 14, Karl Rove was...
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Jul 29

Medea Benjamin Opens United National Peace Conference | VIDEO

Posted by CODEPINK StaffMedea Benjamin was the first speaker Friday night, July 23, 2010, at the United National Peace Conference...
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May 18

The Hummer is Dead - Let's Bury It and Build a New Economy

Posted by CODEPINK Staff DETROIT, February 24, 2010 – General Motors today announced that Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Company...
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Jul 06

Hondurans Pour Into The Streets Demanding Zelaya's Return

Posted by CODEPINK StaffTEGUCIGALPA --The day started out full of joy, as thousands of Hondurans converged in front of the...
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