Jun 01

Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Timeline of Events

Posted by CODEPINK Staff Flotilla on Dipity. Israel's attack of the peaceful flotilla bound for Gaza is nothing short...
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Apr 02

CODEPINK Marks Global BDS Action Day In Style

Posted by CODEPINK Staff From flash mobs in Netherlands to targeting the Pixies over Twitter, March 30th was the second...
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Mar 05

On War, Disappointment and Anger--Alice Walker

Posted by CODEPINK StaffReposted from Alice Walker's Blog The Cushion and the Road: Meditation and Wandering As the Whole World...
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Mar 01

To Gaza and Beyond: Reflections on the Gaza Freedom March

Posted by CODEPINK Staff This is a long story and includes some great links to other delegates’ blogs and articles. ...
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Jan 02

Gaza Freedom March: A Powerful Day of Action in Cairo

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFrom Starhawk, originally posted on Starhawk's Blog:We did it! Up until the moment we did, I didn’t...
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Dec 13

Letter to the Editor: Turning Whose Mud into Money?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffHere is a letter that Fortune Small Business didn't publish....To the Editor of Fortune Small Business,In her...
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Nov 05

U.S. turns blind eye to crimes in Gaza

Posted by CODEPINK StaffIn casting a vote to repress the Goldstone Report, 344 U.S. Representatives agreed Tuesday to look the...
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Aug 11

VIDEO: Who profits from Israeli occupation?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThe Real News just published this compelling 10-min. clip detailing the purpose and history of current efforts...
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Jul 30

THE NET: The Pink Ladies (via Jezebel)

Posted by CODEPINK just posted a photo and info from CODEPINK's Ahava action in DC yesterday -- here. The...
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Jul 28

OFFICIAL RELEASE: TODAY: Bikini-clad activists protest Israeli cosmetics at stores in Santa Monica, Marina del Rey

Posted by CODEPINK StaffSANTA MONICA -- Inside upscale cosmetics stores here and in Marina del Rey in a two-hour "tour,"...
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